World Important Days | National & International Days |Important Dates|

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World Important Days | National & International Days |Important Dates|

In This Video, We Discussed Important National and International Days and Dates In A Year.

Some Important Days:
World Hindi Day -10th January
World Cancer Day -4th February
International Mother Tongue Day -21st February
International Women's Day -8th March
World Consumer Day -14th March
French Language Day -March 20
World Forestry Day -21st March
World Water Day -22nd March
World Health Day -7th April
Chinese Language Day -April 20
World Earth Day -22nd April
English Language Day -April 23
Spanish Language Day -April 23
International Labour Day -1st May
International Energy Day -3rd May
World Red Cross Day -8th May
World Telecommunication Day -17th May
Common Wealth Day -24th May
World Anti-Tobacco Day -31st May
World Environment Day -5th June
Russian Language Day -June 6
World Child Labour Prevention Day -12th June
World Breastfeeding Week -1st Sunday of August
Friendship Day -First Sunday Of August
World Peace Day -6th August
International Lefthanders Day -August 13
World Literacy Day -8th September
International Non-Violence Day -2nd October
World Wildlife Day -6th October
UNO Day - 24th October
World Diabetes Day -14th November
Universal Children's Day -20th November
World Environment Protection Day -26th November
World AIDS Day -1st December
World Disabled Day -3rd December
World Bodhi Day-December 8
World Day Against Corruption -9th December
World Human Rights Day -10th December

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