When skin cancer tried to pull up on me, but it didn’t work. #gorlinsydrome #spreadawareness

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As some of you know I’ve been diagnosed with Gorlin Syndrome 2 years ago & found out it was inherited through birth. One of many effects is basal cell carcinoma aka basal cell cancer. My dermatologist noticed two patches on my body that looked very similar to basal cell cancer so we immediately had a minor procedure to run test. This time around the test came back negative… thank God! Although, I’m preparing for another surgery to remove a cancerous tumor due to this disorder… I am celebrating this victory of not having to deal with skin cancer treatment for now.

Unfortunately there is no cure for Gorlin Syndrome but that doesn’t mean I will give up. With the help of all my doctors… I can do my best to continue to live my dreams despite my health circumstances! So I told skin cancer OUTTA MY FACE… Let’s go!!

Song: Outta My Face by yours truly
Album : Mentally Drained
Stream or download: https://descendent.fanlink.to/mentallydrained

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