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Hormonal therapy update after 3 months, Tamoxifen pill.

Most people around me don't know how life is right after cancer especially when you have to take long term medication.
(For my case, supposingly is for at least 5 years to 10 years.)

One of the function of tamoxifen is to block the hormone receptor from the breast. It's a pill that significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer reoccurance.

NGL, I do question everytime I eat this pill that whether it's suppose to be helping me or just making me more miserable. Some of the potentially side effects from this pill are quite serious

I really understand now why some people rather take the risk of not taking it. I am still in a dilemma because I also have the anxiety of cancer coming back especially with strong family history.

Until today I'm learning about my body and still trying to figure out what I can do to ease the medication side effects. Let's just hope I can figure this out soon.

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