Top 10 Things Bob Marley One Love Gets Factually Right And Wrong - Bob Marley

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Not everything is as it seems in this Bob Marley biopic. Welcome to MrBeat, and today we're looking at details from Bob Marley: One Love that remained faithful to Marley's life, as well as significant aspects that were changed or omitted from the biopic. Our countdown of the things "Bob Marley: One Love" got right and wrong includes Bob Marley's Arrest in London, The Extent of Bob & Rita Marley's Affairs, Smile Jamaica Concert: The Show Must Go On, and more!

10: Bob Marley’s Relationship (or Lack Thereof) With His Father
9: Bob Marley’s Arrest in London
8: Marley’s Run-In with Massop & Marshall
7: Nobody Died in the Assassination Attempt
6: Bob Marley Beat Up Don Taylor
5: The Extent of Bob & Rita Marley’s Affairs
4: Rita Marley’s Dreadlocks Saved Her Life
3: Smile Jamaica Concert: The Show Must Go On
2: Bob Marley Didn’t Receive Treatment for Cancer
1: Bob Marley Sought Peace Through His Music
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