Tina Turner is Saying Goodbye Because of Health Issues

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Tina Turner is a powerful, determined music icon. Her career spans several decades and has earned her a full trophy case of awards and accolades.

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Not even the brightest stars can shine forever, and years of psychological trauma and health problems have left Tina weary. She’s created an HBO documentary called Tina, one of many attempts at chronicling her journey, as a way to say goodbye to her many fans.

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Tina’s early life was less than pleasant. Her parents were abusive and emotionally unavailable. Her marriage to Ike Turner has left her with PTSD to this day. She’s a devoted mom but lost her son Craig to suicide.

When she got older, health issues began to rear their ugly head. It began with a stroke that almost left her paralyzed. An intestinal cancer diagnosis followed, leading to total kidney failure. Tina eventually found love with Erwin Bach, a man who both figuratively and literally saved her life. He volunteered to donate a kidney, and the risky procedure left her in a much better place with her health.

Now that she has found love and begun to feel better, Tina Turner is ready to step out of the spotlight. She wants to remain with her husband in their home in Switzerland. They’ll spend the rest of their days fondly remembering her legacy and the impact her music has had on the world.

Tina and Erwin attended the premiere of The Tina Turner Story on Broadway together as a way to say goodbye to the singer’s many American fans. The upcoming documentary on HBO serves as a way to say goodbye to all the other devotees across the world and wrap up her long, successful career.

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Tina Turner is Saying Goodbye Because of Health Issues
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