Throat Cancer Treatment with Radiation Therapy

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When an individual has been diagnosed with a form of head and neck cancer, radiation therapy is a very common treatment modality that may be recommended. Radiation therapy, administered by a radiation oncologist physician, is accomplished by directing a stream of radiation particles that is molded to precisely the cancer’s 3D shape. Furthermore, the radioactive beam is rotated continuously around the cancer to ensure healthy tissue is not overly exposed, but collectively, keeping the focus of the radiation beams all centered on the cancer itself.

This video goes over how a patient is prepared to undergo radiation therapy and what to expect.

• Radiation Mask (0:15)
• CT Simulation (0:30)
• Radiation Planning (0:44)
• PET Scan and Consultations (0:53)
• Radiation Therapy (1:11)
• Tumor Shrinkage (1:50)

Watch how a throat biopsy is performed to diagnose throat cancer:

Learn how a neck mass is evaluated for possible cancer:

Video created by Dr. Christopher Chang:

Along with Dr. Christopher Lansford:

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