Things I learnt as a breast cancer patient #breastcancer #realisation #recovery #shorts #newnormal

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Things I learnt as a breast cancer patient.

Set my priorities and let go the unnecessaries.
I used to be greedy and want to have everything which affects my happiness and my health. After falling sick, I realised the most important thing is my health, my happiness and people that cares about me. Nothing else matters.

Communication is very important.
I used to get upset when my family and friends didn't understand my situation. Then I realised, I cannot expect people around me to understand my situation without communicating.

Acknowledge that I'm brave and strong.
A stage 4 breast cancer patient once told me, "You are already brave and strong when you decided to proceed with the treatment." I have to give myself enough credit on what I'm dealing with right now.

Not ignore my feelings when I'm down.
It's okay if I'm feeling down because it's not easy dealing with side effects. I'm dealing with a life situation matter and I don't have to brush them off to be "positive" all the time when it actually hurts.

Get used on slowing down.
It can be overwhelming when I'm not used to do things with the speed that I used to. I have to take one step at a time and also figure out what's more important.

Not to be hard on myself.
I used to blame myself and think that "I'm asking for it" the moment I was diagnosed with cancer due to my habits. And I realised that life in general like cancer is unpredictable. Shit can happen.

To enjoy the moment.
I realised that life is so precious and fragile. Hence I learnt to do what I want and appreciate everything I have and whoever that stays with me in recovery journey.

Learn to ask for help.
I am so used to do alot of things by myself and asking for help is just very difficult sometimes. I'm glad that i have my dad as the biggest support and my friends to help me when I ask for help.

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