The Journey Of Breast Cancer Survivors

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Breast cancer survivors who undergo hormone treatments often experience early menopause and the accompanying symptom of dryness. There's a technical aspect to addressing this issue, but it goes beyond the physical aspect of the breasts.

It's a process of making peace with the changes in one's body. For example, a woman might look at magazines featuring sexualized images of women with "perfect" breasts and wonder where she fits into that standard. She might question what it says about her.

To address these concerns, we need to break down many of the social conditioning aspects surrounding what is considered sexual and what is not, what is deemed sexy and what is not. It's essential to embark on a journey of reconnecting with the sexual aspect of oneself.

This journey often involves an intimate, loving touch that may start as non-sexual and gradually build toward a more sexual connection. Part of this process is understanding your body to communicate your needs and boundaries effectively.

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