The face of the moon: going to the doctor to diagnose Ali Asghar's disease

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Ali Asghar's face was like a celestial body, eclipsed by a mysterious shadow that seemed to obscure its natural radiance. His once vibrant features were now shrouded in a veil of darkness, leaving him feeling lost and alone in a world that no longer recognized him.

Desperate for answers, Ali Asghar sought out a doctor who could shed light on the cause of his facial disease. With each step he took towards the clinic, he felt a glimmer of hope flicker within him, like a distant star struggling to break through the clouds.

As he sat in the waiting room, surrounded by the hum of voices and the scent of antiseptic, Ali Asghar felt a sense of anticipation building within him. The doctor's gentle touch and reassuring words filled him with a sense of calm, as if he were being guided towards a path of healing and renewal.

Through a series of tests and examinations, the doctor was able to diagnose the root cause of Ali Asghar's facial disease. With a treatment plan in place, Ali Asghar felt a sense of relief wash over him, like a wave of warmth breaking through the darkness that had enveloped him for so long.

As he left the clinic, Ali Asghar felt a renewed sense of hope and gratitude for the doctor who had helped him find his way back to the light. His eclipsed face now seemed to glow with a newfound radiance, like a beacon of hope shining brightly in the night sky.
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