Teddy Mellencamp's Brave Battle: A Scarred Journey Against Skin Cancer

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Teddy melan Camp is giving fans an update on her skin cancer battle The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Alum takes to her IG December 30th to share a photo of the large scar in her back following her latest surgery the 42-year-old seems to be in good spirits following the intense procedure writing someone just messaged me that my scar looks like a whale swallowing bubbles it made me laugh I'm not very artistic so I just see a z what do you see funny responses only the mom of three was first diagnosed with Stage to melanoma in October 2022 and since then has dealt with 12 cases of the deadly cancer earlier this month the former reality star got candid about her anxiety leading up to the surgery and shared that it was her last option after other treatments had failed writing the immunotherapy treatment did not work on my melanomas I had a wide excision removal on my most recent melanoma last week to see if it did and sadly it did not I have decided with my doctors that the best next course of action is have surgery on December 26th to remove a larger portion of problematic area I don't like going under and my anxiety is popping off but I have faith all will be okay and that the reason this is happening to me is because I'm able to raise awareness following her surgery last week Teddy shared an update from her hospital bed detailing how the operation went and her recovery going forward revealing that doctors cut out the area of my shoulder and replace it with a flap of skin from Below on my back and despite the painful experience erience she says she's nothing but grateful hey I'm out of surgery now I'm just waiting um to be discharged to the nursing facility it's pretty painful but I am so grateful that they did such a great job and um you know I'm just beinga some Saltines having a Starry lemon lime which I'm assuming is something equivalent to us right and uh that back skin is [Music] tight Struggle Bus but I'm hoping they got it all the podcast host is now back home with her family and is taking the time to reflect on the year ahead writing a list of her ins and outs for 2024 saying I'm all about looking towards a new year and finding ways to better myself day by day cuz the statistics for big resolutions don't lie so here are my ins and outs for 2024 the inist is a lot longer because honestly there's really only one thing I want out happy New Year everybody thanks for all the love and support and as always she pens a friendly reminder to her fans to make their health a priority warning I promise promise you do not want to go through this hope this is a reminder to book your skin checks for the new
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