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Skin Self-Examination
Checking one’s skin from head to toe for signs of melanoma, including changes in existing moles and the development of new moles. Self-examination is the most effective way to find melanoma in its early, most-treatable stages.We go every 3-6mo! We never miss an appointment because that can be extremely dangerous.-AIMatMelanoma.

The idea of having a potential skin cancer on our bodies is terrifying, for most of us. I am always up for a new scar, it beats the alternative. So don’t be afraid to get a spot removed. Skin cancer or melanoma specially, can be deadly. I’ve seen it way to many times. We’ve lost too many friends and they were a wife/husband, a sister/brother, a friend, a co-worker, mother/father, a person someone loved dearly!

So PLEASE get a skin check, it’s 20-30mins or so and you’re done.

Here’s a what to expect:
You may be asked to remove your nail polish, make-up, and anything else covering the skin and nails. You will also be requested to wear your hair loose for the exam.

Your doctor will ask you to remove your clothing and wear an exam gown for the head-to-toe exam. They will check your scalp, ears, toes, fingers, buttocks and lower stomach/pelvic area for any signs of skin cancer, and use a special magnifying glass with a light to see the marks clearly. When dermatologists conduct a complete check-up, they are mostly concerned with signs of skin cancer, which include:

Shiny pink, red, pearly white, or translucent bumps
Painful moles
Skin marks that ooze, bleed, or get crusty
Sores that don’t heal
Sores with irregular borders
Changes in an existing spot or mole

It’s Easy!
StayShady + get checked out

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source: north valley dermatology & AIMatMelanoma
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