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Mark Seidl is only 55 years old, and he is battling Stage 4 Acral Lentiginous Melanoma which is a rare type of skin cancer. It begins when the melanocytes in the skin grow out of control and form tumors. This is Mark’s third battle fighting this rare cancer. First battle was in 2016 and surgery was successful and clear for four years. ALM reared its ugly head again in 2020 and had migrated to his lymphatic system. Once again surgery was successful and clear of cancer until now. This September we found out that it has metastasized throughout his body, and he is currently undergoing Immunotherapy at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Immunotherapy will give him a 50/50 chance of curing this nasty mutation. He has an amazing team of doctors and feeling hopeful. We lost all of our savings and 401K during the first two battles with ALM and will be needing help to get through this last hope of recovery. Sadly, ALM hit fast and furious this time. Given his six-month scans have been clear of cancer the past few years, this was shocking news. There was no time to prepare for this and he had to stop working the day he was diagnosed. Any donation small or large would be deeply appreciated.
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