Radio Club Auction - What did I get - Trash or Treasure?

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Our Local radio club holds four auctions a year, I wanted one item in a box and bought the whole box to get it. I want to see what else I bought in the box, trash or treasure. I also bought a complete Kriesler 11-25 chassis, I'll see if I can make it work.
I was about to clean up around the house, give it a wash and trim some trees but I had a melanoma removed leaving a 5" X 3" tee wound in my back requiring me to not lift anything. So instead of my scheduled Loewe Opta radio I will do some light work instead.

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The Signal Generator is a project kit from a local electronics magazine called Silicon Chip, there is a sister publication in the UK called Practical Electronics, it was featured in the April 2018 edition but mine has a oscilloscope function as well which I don't use. There may be a later edition in PE with that feature.
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