LONGEVITY & SUPPLEMENTS | Vitamins, Minerals & Aging [2020]

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SUPPLEMENTS AND AGING | We eat food to give us the nutrients our bodies need for all of our basic functions. We get macronutrients and micronutrients we need from our food each day. When that's not adequate, we should supplement nutritional needs.

This week's video includes discussion on what supplements are, the different types of supplements and how to shop for quality products. I even share with you how I organize supplemental groups to help you get organized as well.

I have put much of myself into this video because I feel this is important information to contribute and could be useful to anyone on a path to a longer and healthier life. I hope you enjoy the great resource I've created for you to use on your longevity journey.

Download "Supplements" PDF: ldpages.lancehitchings.com/supplements

Link to Life Extension supplements: www.LifeExtension.com
Link to Nootropics playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL538U4ZPY--h6AKkaMOGzcd17k6hXfRUq

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