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ЛАРИНГЭКТОМИЯ (греч. larynx, laryng[os] гортань + ektome иссечение, удаление) — полное удаление гортани.

Производится чаще всего по поводу рака, поражающего большую часть гортани, реже при других злокачественных новообразованиях (саркома, меланобластома) и пограничных опухолях (цилиндрома, энхондрома).Laryngectomy is the removal of the larynx and separation of the airway from the mouth, nose and esophagus. In a total laryngectomy the entire larynx is removed; in a partial laryngectomy only a portion is taken out. The laryngectomee breathes through an opening in the neck known as a stoma. This procedure is usually performed by ENT surgeon in cases of laryngeal cancer. Although many laryngeal cancer cases are now treated only with more conservative surgeries through the mouth or with radiation and/or chemotherapy, laryngectomies are performed when those treatments fail to conserve the larynx or when there is sufficient destruction by the cancer such that normal function would be prevented once the larynx was destroyed. Laryngectomy is also performed on individuals with other types of head and neck cancer or severe swallowing problems.
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