How to do Breast Self Examination #breastcancer

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1.Stand in front of a mirror and look for any changes in breast size, shape or contour.
2.Raise your arms and examine for any abnormalities or changes.
3.Lie down and use your fingers to feel for any lumps or masses in the breasts.
4.Move your fingers in a circular motion and cover the entire breast area.
5.Repeat the examination on the other breast.
6.Perform BSE once a month, a few days after your menstrual period ends if you are still menstruating.
7.If you notice any changes or abnormalities, see your healthcare provider for further evaluation.

It is important to remember that breast cancer is treatable, especially when detected early. If you notice any changes in your breasts, schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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