How to check lump in breast ? How to examine your breasts at home ? DIY Breast check-up / Ep. 8

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How to check lump in breast ? How to examine your breasts at home ? DIY Breast exam at home ! How to check for breast cancer by yourself ? Examine your breasts the right way ! Ep. 8. This video explains Breast Self Examination (BSE) and importance of breast self-awareness. Breast self examination is a way of checking the breasts by oneself to look for any abnormality in the breasts which can give an idea of presence of a benign breast disease or a malignant tumour in the breast. It is very essential to perform BSE every month to prevent the incidence of deaths due to breast cancer and can be made curable with timely and appropriate treatment.

Dr.Samatha Honavar is an obstetrician and gynaecologist (BAMS- Gold Medalist, MS - Gold Medalist), Transcendental Meditation and Yoga practitioner. She has published many articles related to Women's Health in National and International Journals. She was a recipient of RULA Awards, 2018 for her Research and Article on Oligohydamnios in International Journal.

In Episode 3, I spoke about 5 'Must Do" things you should do before planning a pregnancy.


Episode 4 covered the issue of painful periods, the difference between normal and abnormal period, how to prevent and reduce menstrual cramps through lifestyle modifications.


Episode 5 answers all your questions on the Cervical Cancer screening procedure - PAP Smear , its importance, how and why it is done.

Episode 6 covered Perimenopausal period, symptoms a woman is likely to go through and remedies for the same.

Episode 7 answers 5 questions on mammography. What, when, why, how it's done and what next !

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