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Sleep has a very big influence on health and is the most important resting activity in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While sleeping, the body naturally repairs damaged cells, produces hormones and carries out the growth process.

Sleep has many patterns, and it turns out that the Prophet Muhammad's sleep pattern is the healthiest way to sleep and has been recognized by various health experts. One of them is turning off the lights while sleeping. Why? Let's find out

Prophet Muhammad's habits before going to sleep

1.wudoo before going to bed
Rasulullah saw said "When you are going to sleep, then do wudoo 'like wudu for prayer ...".

Wudoo before bed can also be interpreted as cleaning oneself, cleaning the skin from germs and dirt, relaxing the muscles of the body so that sleep will be more sound.

2. Turn off the lights

Turning off the lights before bed is one of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. In the hadith narrated by Bukhari, the Prophet Muhammad SAW said: "Turn off the lights at night when you sleep at night, lock the door and close the vessel, food, and drink."
3. Sleeping position on his right side

If we don't have a life partner, then in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, the recommended sleeping position is tilted to the right. Then what if the husband sleeps with his wife according to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad? Reporting from the page, Ustazah Ida Nur Laila, the author of the book Series Material of Awareness in a talk show entitled Reaching for Heaven with Family, explains how the recommended good sleeping position for married couples is in accordance with the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad.
4. Do not sleep on your stomach

Rasulullah SAW forbade his followers to sleep on their stomachs. The prohibition emerged from the story of Ya'isy bin Thikhfah Al-Ghifari. On one occasion he told me, "My father told me that when I slept in the mosque on my stomach (on my stomach), suddenly someone moved my feet and said, 'Truly this sleep is angry with Allah.' My father said, 'After me seeing that he was Rasulullah SAW ', "(HR. Thabrani).

5. Do not sleep on your back

The Prophet Muhammad SAW also forbade his followers to sleep on their backs for a long time. After being studied in the medic, it turns out that sleeping in this position presses or stifles the spine, and sometimes even causes us to want to go to the toilet.
6. Put your right hand under your right cheek

It turned out that the Prophet preferred to sleep on a mat made of animal skin filled with coir. The position of his body when sleeping facing to the right and never on his stomach. The head is padded as a pillow.
7. Sleep early after isha prayer

Aisyah RA said, "He (Prophet Muhammad) slept at the beginning of the night and woke up at the end of the night and offered prayers." (Muttafaq Alaih).

Our Master Muhammad [s] did not recommend sleeping late or staying up late. The Prophet Muhammad recommended that Muslims sleep as soon as possible after Isha if there are no other matters.
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