Estradiol and Progesterone do NOT cause breast cancer | Felice Gersh, MD

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Estradiol and progesterone do not give women breast cancer. If they did, breast cancer rates would be highest in reproductive-aged women and menopause would be protective, but the absolute opposite is true. Only 4% of breast cancer diagnoses are in women under 40.

This is because your natural hormones and human-identical HRT hormones likely PROTECT you from breast cancer. And women with natural hormones who get breast cancer get cancer despite their hormones, not because of them.

Why do people think that hormones cause breast cancer?

Reason #1:
Early HRT formulations used hormone mimickers, which were the best they had at the time, and these chemicals do increase breast cancer risk.

Reason #2:
Most breast cancers have estrogen receptors, which means that unfortunately, if a breast cancer forms, estrogen may cause it to grow. This is why women who are at risk for breast cancer need to be screened before starting hormones, and any woman with a hormone receptor (HR) positive breast cancer cannot take hormones.

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