Creations To Tribulations

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Hello Fourteeners Brothers and Sisters. This is it! From the Beginning to the Beginning of the End to the End. From creation to creation and tribulation to tribulation. All in one video:)
But hold on tight because there are also some great new connecting nuggets in the first part too!!! One in particular we had been watching for a longtime that is now perfectly inline with the LORD's revelation of the 2 months off to the start of Tribulation in Taurus. Proving this one is exactly where is SHOULD be!

GOD bless, watch over, and strengthen you and yours until...

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I pray for us ALL and our families that We have our houses in Order and are ready to go! I truly love you all Brothers and Sisters and pray for you and all your families. I look forward to meeting you and yours, in moments from now:)

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Watch and pray always that we may be accounted worthy to escape All these things that shall come to pass upon the whole earth and to stand before the Son of man.
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