Corticosteroid Side Effects and Efficacy (Prednisone) | My IBD Journey with Ulcerative Colitis

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I take the Corticosteroid Prednisone to help treat my IBD, Moderate/Severe Ulcerative Colitis (Pancolitis). In this video, I discuss my personal experience with taking the steroid Prednisone, including a small recap of my journey with UC (Diagnosis, Hospital, etc.), the efficacy of Prednisone on my health condition, as well as my experience with the side effects of taking a higher dosage of corticosteroids for a prolonged period of time.

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As I talk about in the video, I have experienced side effects from taking corticosteroids for several months at a time - including, but not limited to: trouble sleeping, mood swings and short temper, acne, swollen face (moon face), and hair loss.


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Video Timecode
0:00 - Intro
2:05 - My Ulcerative Colitis Timeline
3:10 - Steroid Usage Efficacy
4:23 - Side Effects
8:45 - Closing Thoughts


A Video by Austin Perkins | Otter Space Productions
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