Breast Cancer Symptoms | Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer | Breast Examination

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Breast Cancer Symptoms | Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer | Breast Examination

How to detect breast cancer in early stage?

1. Check if there is any new lump in the breast or underarm. If you notice anything then don’t panic. Breast lump can be seen due to many other reasons.

If the lump is in the armpit region it could be an enlarged lymph node due to any recent viral infections, and scratches or cuts on the hand or arm.

Breast lump that feel squishy, like a soft rubber ball, are more likely to be benign.
But, if the lump feels firm, fixed and can't be moved around under the skin then you should consult your doctor

2. Check If you have breast pain or pain around the nipple area for long time. It could be an early sign of breast cancer.

3. Check if there is any change of your nipple shape and size. Breast cancer can cause inverted or retracted nipple.

4. Check if there is any discharge from one breast that’s clear, red, brown, or yellow other than milk secretion. This could be due to many other reasons like infection, cyst, papilloma. However, this could be one of the warning signs of breast cancer. You can check the colour of the discharge with the chart mentioned in the video

5. If you find any unexplained redness, swelling, skin irritation, itchiness, or rash on the breast then contact your doctor.

6. Next important sign is changes in skin texture. It could be a thickening and swelling of a part of the breast or dimpling of breast skin. Don’t confuse it with age related creases. If it is related to age it can be seen evenly on both the breasts. But if it is present only on one breast then you should consult your doctor.

7. These are the important warning signs of breast cancer. However, you should also watch for other generalised symptoms like
- Unexplained weight loss
- Poor appetite
- Visible veins on the breast


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