Actinic Keratosis short Urdu

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Actinic keratosis, also known as solar keratosis, is a common condition that affects the skin. It is caused by long-term exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can damage the skin and lead to the development of rough, scaly patches.

Actinic keratosis typically appears on sun-exposed areas of the skin, such as the face, scalp, hands, and arms. The patches are usually small and range in colour from pink to red or brown. They can feel rough, scaly, and dry to the touch, and they may be itchy or painful. In some cases, the patches can crust over or bleed.

Actinic keratosis is a precancerous condition, which means that it can progress to skin cancer if left untreated. However, with early detection and treatment, the risk of developing skin cancer can be greatly reduced.
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