05_Eye Believe 2022: D2T1 ”New Advances in Treatment of OM” + ”Understanding Genetics”

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2 part session:

Join the following three physicians as they discuss new advances in treatment of uveal melanoma of the eye. This session was sponsored in part by Aura Biosciences.

They discuss the following:


-Pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) with diode



Dr. Scott Walter, a practicing ophthalmologist in Hartford, Connecticut and is affiliated with Hartford Hospital.

Dr. David Reichstein, an ocular oncologist, who studied at the renowned Wills Eye Hospital here from Tennessee Retina.

Dr. Peter Hovland, who specializes in vitreoretinal disease & surgery, and ophthalmology, here from Colorado Retina.

At Aura, our mission is to develop a new class of oncology targeted therapies that deliver meaningful therapeutic benefit to a range of cancer indications with high unmet need in which we believe we can establish a new standard of care. We are driven by our passion and commitment to science and the patients battling cancer who are relying on us to pioneer these new therapies.

Second half of episode: Understanding Genetics Testing with Castle Biosciences

Join Dr. Reichstein, Dr. Hovland, and Dr. Walter for a discussion on genetics in uveal melanoma.

This session is brought to you by Castle Biosciences.

Castle Biosciences develops and commercializes diagnostic and prognostic tests for dermatologic cancers. These tests provide clinically actionable, tumor-specific genomic information to enable more accurate treatment plan decisions. They believe that the traditional approach to developing a treatment plan for dermatologic cancers using clinical and pathology factors alone is inadequate, and can be improved by incorporating personalized genomic information.
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